Saturday 25 July 2015

3Q06 returns to Eastleigh, Romsey, 25th July 2015

37219 3Q06 21:52 Eastleigh - Redbridge - Exeter - Romsey - Eastleigh.
Passed Romsey 48 minutes early at 06:34, following rapid turnaround at Exeter.

DBSO 9714 recently fitted with additional measurement equipment. Originally built as BSO 9536 as a Mk 2f BSO at BR Derby to Lot 30861, entering traffic in June 1974. Converted to DBSO at Glasgow Works in June 1985. Entered test train usage from February 2007, now equipped with generator and blue star multiple working.
999602 is an Ultrasonic Test Coach, originally EMU coach 62483 completed at BR York to Lot 30862 in December the last DMS coach for a 4-REP, in unit 3015, and the last Mk 1 coach built. This ran only until November 1986, latterly as unit 2015. Conversion to 999602 UTU2 with Sperry equipment took place in 1988. Notice the SR Mk 6 bogies. Now seen to be UTU3 following a further rebuild about 2013.
BSO 9523, also from BR Derby Lot 30861, entering traffic in June 1974. Since January 2013 operating for Network Rail as a Staff Coach /Brake Force Runner.
The new force in test train operation is Colas Rail, here represented by 37219. New as D6919 from EE Vulcan Foundry in January 1964. Stored by EWS from Janaury 2001, it was at Eastleigh until preserved in 2005, initially at Chasewater. In November 2010 it was at Dereham, Mid Norfolk Railway.
Colas acquired the locomotive in early 2014, and it was operating Sandite services in the autumn.