Sunday 28 July 2019

Gloucester & Warwickshire Diesel Gala, 26th July 2019: The Shed

8137 was new from English Electric Vulcan Foundry on 12th April 1966, and was withdrawn in December 1992, thus half of its years are now after its mainline career.

47105 was new on 6th December 1963, and was withdrawn in January 1994, arriving at the railway later that year. Under overhaul since 2011.

24081 was poorly. The locomotive was new in traffic on 19th March 1960, and was the last class survivor when withdrawn in October 1980. Now in the ownership of the 24081 Locomotive Group.

26010 is at the railway from Llangollen for traction motor repairs. Notes: one two three 

I first saw this locomotive over 40 years ago. It was new to traffic on 6th January 1959, and was withdrawn in December 1992.

37215 sits on accommodation bogies, while its traction motors receive repairs. The locomotive was new as D6915 on 1st January 1964, and came out of traffic in 1992, arriving at Toddington in 1994.

47376 sits on shed between turns.