Thursday 1 August 2019

Gloucester & Warwickshire Diesel Gala, 26th July 2019: 47376 'Freightliner 1995'

47376 was new as D1895 to 41A Tinsley on 1st September 1965. Renumbered to 47376 in February 1974. Named at Crewe Basford Hall on August 28th 1995. Last working was on 8th June 2001 with 4O27 20:27 Leeds - Southampton when in the Oxford area a piston dropped into the sump writing off the engine. Placed in a holding pool DHLT in July 2001, and sold for preservation to the Brush Type 4 Fund on 21st November 2002.

The engine from 47295 was acquired to place into 47376 enabling its return to traffic on the preserved railway.

I first saw 47376 on a WCML journey on 22nd December 1984.

Token exchange at Gotherington.

Noted between workings at Toddington.

50035 draws alongside at Toddington.

The loco arrives at Winchcombe with a train for Cheltenham.

Returning into Winchcombe from Cheltenham.

Noted at Southampton Maritime on the 18th June 2000.