Friday 23 August 2019

Assortment of Freight, Eastleigh, 22nd August 2019

66711 Sence continued as stand-in for 59003, arriving with  6O41 10:14 Westbury - Eastleigh, which was a rake of empty OBA and OCA wagons.

Three pictures of 60024 Clitheroe Castle working back with 6V16 11:55 Fareham - Whatley.

66136 passes with 4O39 09:43 Morris Cowley - Eastern Docks. 'First London - Yiwu Train' markings.
  • Yiwu, China - "Yiwu is the terminal for a number of long-distance international container trains. At 8,111 miles, the Yiwu-Madrid container train route can be viewed as the longest goods railway line in the world. Shipping containers moved along this route travel from China via Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, France to Spain. In 2016, a similar route was inaugurated connecting Yiwu to Tehran, Iran."
  • Location on Map
  • Music Video: The Belt and Road is How (Xinhua is funded in whole or in part by the Chinese Government)

66419 was repainted into the G&W colours in April at Eastleigh. Here seen working 4O90 06:08 Leeds - Maritime.