Sunday 11 August 2019

Eastleigh Works, 8th August 2019

The monthly test train included 5981, a Mk2F TSO built to Lot 30860 at Derby, and entering traffic in June 1974. In June 2012 it became PLPR2 (plain line pattern recognition).

977983 was built as Mk2F FO 3407 to Log 30859, entering traffic in August 1974. Converted to Gatwick Express 72503 in March 1984, entering departmental service about 2006, then to its current number in June 2010 when it became an Electrification Measurement Vehicle.

33 70 7899 053-4 is a TIA tanker built by Arbel Fauvet in 1987, and logo-ed for original owner Tiphook Rail.

ScotRail liveried 314204 is now outside of the works, and in the siding which can lead to scrapping.