Tuesday 5 December 2023

Mendip JNA wagons moved to storage at Gascoigne Wood, 4th December 2023

VTG 3450 passing Romsey, 25th July 2023.

On 4th December, it was reported that 70016 was hauling 6E53 10:20 Basford Hall - Gascoigne Wood. The consist was of 32 JNA wagons from the Mendip pools. listed below, most of which were seen on the aggregates trains from Merehead and Whatley to Chichester, Fareham and Southampton Up Yard, typically one or two per train.

After the KEA and JYA wagons were removed from usage last year, these were the oldest wagons in the Mendips box wagon traffic. I have added links below where pictures have appeared in 47Soton.

These JNAs were converted by Marcroft in 1998, using the running gear of ranker wagons.

The movement, which was preceded by 7M05 03:02 Wembley - Basford Hall on 2nd December, appears to eliminate the type from Mendip traffic.

My last sighting was VTG 3447, on 15th September.

VTG 3445 JNA
VTG 3443 JNA
VTG 3455 JNA
VTG 3467 JNA
VTG 3428 JNA
VTG 3414 JNA
VTG 3439 JNA
VTG 3457 JNA
VTG 3430 JNA
VTG 3406 JNA
VTG 3431 JNA
VTG 3450 JNA
VTG 3448 JNA
VTG 3423 JNA
VTG 3453 JNA
VTG 3463 JNA
VTG 3461 JNA
VTG 3444 JNA
VTG 3419 JNA
VTG 3447 JNA
VTG 3404 JNA
VTG 3454 JNA
VTG 3459 JNA
VTG 3456 JNA
VTG 3462 JNA
VTG 3410 JNA
VTG 3466 JNA
VTG 3408 JNA
VTG 3469 JNA
VTG 3437 JNA
VTG 3424 JNA
VTG 3411 JNA

Another chapter closes.