Saturday 28 January 2023

23rd - 28th January 2023


66041 on 'The Cars' 4O39 09:43 Morris Cowley M.A.T. - Southampton Eastern Docks, at Eastleigh, 25th January.

66027 on the rear of the train.

458503 5B39 10:01 Wimbledon - Bournemouth (5th for C6 overhaul), passing Millbrook 26th January. 458509 returned later from Bournemouth after completion of  its C6..

Sunday 22nd January: 37099 3Z01 10:00 Eastleigh - Reading Triangle
Monday 23rd January:
Tuesday 24th January:
 47727 (+ 701052) 5Q27 1320 Derby - Guildford - Havant - Fareham - Eastleigh one two
Wednesday 25th January: 47727 (+ 701019) 5Q96 11:29 Eastleigh - Marchwood one, 47727 0Z96 13:17 Marchwood - Eastleigh
Thursday 26th January: 47727 (+ 701016) 5Q95 07:31 Eastleigh - Marchwood, 47727 0Z95 09:55 Marchwood - Eastleigh, 47727 (+ 701022) 5Q96 11:29 Eastleigh - Marchwood one, 47727 0Z96 13:17 Marchwood - Eastleigh
Friday 27th January: 47727 (+6376 + 6377) 5M10 14:31 Eastleigh - Leicester one
Saturday 28th January:

Hook disruption may be targeted for 22nd February completion. 4Y19 from Mountfield operated via GWML this week, Woking stone via Fareham and Havant in both directions on some days. BBC drone footageNetwork Rail update.

Class 69 temporary withdrawal from traffic.

Eastleigh Works: 04Oct - 05Oct - 06Oct - 11Oct - 25Oct (67027 repaint) - 26Oct - 27Oct

43046 + 43055 were noted outside the Works on Friday. Inside, more ex-FGW HST trailers are being painted into the Blue Pullman scheme, possibly heading towards a second set for LSL.

Rumour: 313202/214/217 to go to Eastleigh for spares recovery and scrapping in coming weeks.

Class 701s to Marchwood: "Rock and Alstom have been asked to move all non commissioned units off swr depots as swr need the space". More moves anticipated next week, the diagrams are in place on Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st, with loco arriving from Wembley early in the day on Monday. 47739 is currently at Wembley.

Aggregates watching: Only noted the Up Yard working twice this week, it was the same core set as last week, but the add-on JNA was changed to VTG 3437 by Wednesday 25th. Elsewhere, a JYA wagon has been noted westbound on the M62, heading fro0m Gascoigne Wood to a so far unknown scrapyard.

VTG 3437 at Eastleigh, 25th January.