Thursday 5 January 2023

Retro: Scotland in the Noughties

 I spun up an external HDD from a while back. All rolling stock shown is in storage or scrapped.

The Class 322 emus had two periods leased to ScotRail, including Edinburgh to North Berwick services. Latterly they saw service for Northern in Yorkshire, and briefly with Greater Anglia.. 322485 at Edinburgh Waverley, 29th August 2007.

322483 was further along the platform. Both 322483 and 322485 were both moved from Ilford to Sims, Newport, on 21st September.

91131 County of Northumberland, on the same day. Entered storage in April 2020, and currently at Doncaster Belmont, although appears planned for a move to Bo'ness.

90018 will have worked in on the Caledonian Sleeper. This locomotive entered storage in August 2019 at Crewe EMD.

60039 in a civil engineering possession at the south-west end of Edinburgh Waverley, on the same day. 60039 Dove Holes was recently in traffic until June 2022, and is currently in storage at Toton.

43295 in National Express livery at Kirkcaldy, 18th August 2009. Stored at Ely since May 2021.