Saturday 7 January 2023

2nd - 7th January 2023

37116 with a test train at Eastleigh, 11th April 2018. Last noted in this area in June 2020, but remains active in the past month.

Monday 2nd January:
Tuesday 3rd January: RMT Strike Day
Wednesday 4th January: RM Strike Day
Thursday 5th January: TSSA Strike Day
Friday 6th January: RMT Strike Day
Saturday 7th January: RMT Strike Day

69007 expected to be named at Eastleigh Works, Tuesday 10th January, then 0Z07 14:24 Eastleigh Works Gbrf - Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf

73133 at Eastleigh Works has been reported as sold, and is expected to be heading to the Bluebell Railway, after a repaint. From 1990, this loco carried the The Bluebell Railway name.

The Siemens Desiro emus are going through Eastleigh Works for overhauled bogies and intermediate couplers, plus miscellaneous items.