Wednesday 18 January 2023

Test trains in Fife, 6th and 8th December 2022


EMR purple base colours on 43274 (43074, January 1978), leading the NMT 1Q26 13:45 Edinburgh - Slateford at Aberdour, 6th December.

43299 (43099, September 1978) on the rear. The preceding stage of the working left Derby 3 hours late, but then skipped a Glasgow area itinerary to proceed to Edinburgh from Carstairs. Still running over an hour late, the train proceeded to Carnoustie and Perth, where it left to time after a shortened break. However, 1Q26 terminated at Dundee, and the train returned to Slateford using a VSTP schedule.

Former Edinburgh - Glasgow DBSO 9708 leading 3Z01 1330 Slateford - Carnoustie - Perth - Dundee - Slateford, on 8th December, between Dalgety Bay station, and the location of the former Donibristle Halt.

The first tour of test train working for newly painted and overhauled 37607 of Harry Needle Railroad Company (HNRC), brought it to Scotland. Plenty of Tractor Thrash on the rear, as it runs through the location of the former Donibristle Halt.

This was a working of Ultrasonic Test Train UTU-3, where the second coach was 999602, which is a former 4-REP DMS, 62483, delivered in December 1974 in unit 3015.

Again under power uphill, 37607 now leads, on the return to Slateford, passing Aberdour.

37607 was new as D6803 from EE Vulcan Foundry, on 9th January 1963, later 37103 and 37511.

Test train consist was 96604 + 977986 + 977985 + 9803 (ex-Caledonian Sleeper) + 999602 + 9708