Monday 14 November 2022

Aggregates watching at Romsey, week of 7th November 2022

Not so much change this week, no visibility of any JYA wagons.

The 22 JYA wagons, recently removed from service, have moved on from Basford Hall to Gascoigne Wood. from where it is expected that they will be removed by truck for scrapping. 35 to 40 miles to Rotherham or Attercliffe. It seems that the KEA wagons are there too, and may be for re-use.

"25 more JYAs to head North for storage on Monday (14th), 7M36 from Westbury, via Hereford and the Marches." - that will leave only 10 of this type.

Tuesday 8th November

66413 Lest We Forget 6O52 07:45 Westbury Tarmac - Chichester Recp. (Flhh), retimed to run later, on the day after a planned rail strike, with return after dark. The leading JNA wagon was 81.70.5932.574-3, the newest in the train, similarly a week earlier.

The oldest wagons seen were these 1998 Marcroft JNAs, this train working with VTG 3467 and 3428.

Thursday 10th November

66604 leading 6V62 13:21 Southampton Up Yard (Fl) - Whatley Quarry F Liner Hh. The 1998 Marcroft JNAs were VTG 3447, 3437, 3457 (not confirmed) and 3404; the newest JNA was 81.70.5932.515-6,  a group seen in previous recent weeks.

66514 leading 6V07 1341 Chichester Recp. (Flhh) - Merehead Quarry (Fhh). This train worked an hour late in the morning, but some clever signalling saw a return path from Fareham via Eastleigh and Chandlers Ford, to reach Romsey 2 minutes early.

The rake was a mix of Greenbrier JNAs, and also the 2000-01 Marcroft JNAs originally for NACCO and VTG. The newest JNA was one higher than previously seen, 81.70.5932.575-1.

Friday 11th November

Although not observed, another all-Greenbrier rake worked from Whatley to Fareham. This appears to be the bland, uniform future of the JNA wagon trains from the Mendips, after the current transition.

7059324944  JNA
7059324613  JNA
7059325040  JNA
7055001843  JNA
7059325206  JNA
7059325057  JNA
7059325180  JNA
7055008228  JNA
7055002221  JNA
7055002007  JNA
7055008319  JNA
7055001835  JNA
7059325131  JNA
7059325123  JNA
7059325115  JNA
7059325032  JNA
7059324928  JNA