Friday 11 November 2022

A pair of green Class 20s, Eastleigh, 10th November 2022

D8096 (20096) + D8107 (20107)  5Z58 10:22 Eastleigh Arlington (Zg) - Crewe H.S
Mk 2e coach 3231 LOCHNAGAR (the BEN CRUACHAN name is now applied to 3344)

The train was already marshalled in the Works Yard, seen some 30 minutes before departure, with the driver in attendance.

Out of the Works and towards platform 2.

Both locomotives were transferred from Harry Needle Locomotive Company to Locomotive Services in February 2020.

D8096 was allocated to Eastfield when new in October 1961. Originally fitted with a tablet catcher recess.

D8107 is now named Jocelyn Fielding 1940-2020.

Mk2e FO 3231 LOCHNAGAR was built at BREL Derby to Lot 30843, allocated to the Western Region from December 1972. When initially sold for Railfilms usage, it carried the name APOLLO.