Saturday 5 November 2022

31st October - 5th November 2022


37069 seen outside the Works on 4th, is expected shortly to leave to York.

Monday 31st October:
Tuesday 1st November:
Wednesday2nd November:
Thursday 3rd November:

Friday 4th November: 
Saturday 5th November: RMT strike called off. but SWR can only run planned strike timetable, similarly GWR.

The movement of 08451 last week, also moved the last Riviera coach at Eastleigh. RK 80041, to the East Yard, for removal. It was for sale earlier in 2022, so destination TBD.

Ml 2 TSO 5188, noted at Perth in 1990, has moved to the RPSI from the Brechin Railway, already half of its life in preservation.

New blue VTG JNA wagons 81.70.5932.581 - 610 moved Dollands Moor to Wembley on 29th, then forwarded on 4th November 6C77 12:19 Wembley Receptions 1-7 - Merehead Quarry (Fhh). They may appear on trains in the next fortnight, some O&K JYAs being noted in service in the past week.

South Western Railways Deploy 5G to Fuel Superfast Onboard WiFi

  - Evo-Rail & their press release 
  - "With over 100 trains already fitted to accommodate the solution, the technology will cover 70km of the SWR network between Basingstoke and Earlsfield."
  - rail-5G architecture and poles
  - note that the train antennae are "multiple small radio units which simultaneously connect to radio units at the front and back of the train"
  - and new antennae are visibly appearing on the Siemens units, which match the description:

New antenna on 450119, Eastleigh, 4th November.