Monday 7 November 2022

"Sussex Rail Drain Train", Eastleigh, 4th November 2022

DR72213 + 95490 +95491 + DR72211

DR72211 and DR72213 are Plasser & Theurer DGS 62-N Dynamic Track Stabilisers, built in 1988. Modern track machines incorporate these functions, this pair are the surviving UK examples from 13 machines, and are used as tractor units, although the track stabilisation equipment remains intact. (Many of the other examples were moved on to Europe and the Middle-East).

DR72211 to DR72213 were originally funded by Network South East.

In recent years, they have been working with KFA refuse flats VTG 95382 and VTG 95385, which are loaded with overhead line equipment,l and run as the 'NW Electrification Train'.

The "Sussex Rail Drain Train" SRL 95490 + SRL 95491 is a permanently coupled pair of wagons, now operated by Balfour Beatty, following a 2019 acquisition. It typically has worked between two GP-TRAMM units, but this seems to have now been changed. The underlying wagons appear to be FGA first generation Freightliner flats, built at Ashford 1966 - 1976, like this pair at the National Railway Museum.

The train has been in this area since about 26th October.

There is also "The Drain Train", which has also been seen in these parts, formed of KHA(F) wagons 83.70.4574.009-4 and 013-, within a GP-TRAMM pair.

DR72213 alongside 73963.

The other end of DR72213.

SRL 95490.

SRL 95491.

DT 72211 alongside 153385 (VIU3).