Monday 4 December 2023

59201 and 59101 Eastleigh Works paintshop exchange, Romsey, 4th December 2023

 Introducing the Heidelberg Materials livery scheme. But firstly ....

59201, the last DB red scheme Class 59/2 was sent to Eastleigh, 0Z59 07:38 Whatley (actually started from Westbury) - Eastleigh.

Noting the bell at one end of this locomotive. The next time we see this it should be in Freightliner G&W orange and black.

59201 had to a wait in platform for the 'Romsey Rocket' to arrive from and depart to Eastleigh.

59101 Village of Whatley returned 0Z60 11:58 Eastleigh - Whatley, outshopped in the new scheme.

Detail of one cab end, with retained nameplates.

The Heidelberg Materials logo, this now being the branding of the quarry operator at Whatley, following from ARC and later Hanson.

The other cab end.

The locomotive was held at the signal by a late running GWR train ahead of it, and then headed to Westbury and Whatley.