Monday 10 July 2023

'The End of Southern Steam', 9th July 2023

56 years since the End of Southern Steam. 35018 'British India Line' + 47802 T+T 1Z84 17:24 Weymouth - London Waterloo. 

The first three pictures show the train passing the Cracknore Road footbridge, approaching Southampton Central. Images by Ian Knight.

Entering platform 1 at Eastleigh, where there was a watering stop.

Loco shot. The headcode discs are set for Waterloo - Bournemouth via Sway.

Paused for watering.

A view from the Bishopstoke Road Bridge.

Blowing off, while continuing to take water.

47802 on the rear, as the train climbs towards Allbrook and Shawford.