Thursday 6 July 2023

Southampton in the morning, 3rd July 2023


701508 + 701510 5Q50 06:12 Eastleigh - London Waterloo

66567 + 70006 4M55 08:57 Maritime - Lawley Street.70006 returned with 4O02 from Lawley Street, where 66567 went onto other workings.

57601 Windsor Castle 5Z79 05:50 Southall - Bournemouth.

The return working had to reroute back via the SWML - Reading - Oxford after a tree fell on the Dorchester - Yeovil route. 57601 was failed, and 47813, which came from Hellifield, was attached at Milford Sidings to be able to remove the stock from Saltburn, which, in a further change in plan, went to York, rather than Carnforth.

47804 on the rear, which worked the train back to Saltburn, eventually arriving 95 minutes late.

66129 creeping with 4M71 09:51 Western Docks - Birch Coppice.

66733 Cambridge PSB brought down empty flats, after a weekend storage in Eastleigh East Yard, 4B46 10:09 Eastleigh - Western Docks.