Sunday 23 July 2023

Class 313 observations, Eastleigh Works, 23rd July 2023


The situation on Sunday 16th appeared to be that one further coach of 313207 had been scrapped since Wednesday 12th.. In the working week since, it may be that only 3 coaches have been scrapped, which would possibly leave one coach of 313204 (farthest), 313209, and two coaches of 313216 (nearest), which has been split. I have checked for other pictures on Flickr, but cannot be more precise..  

313211, one of the last pair to arrive.

62608 of 313216 has been separated from the rest of the unit.

313205, while part of the last pair to arrive, is in a position used to prepare before entry to the scrap queue. However the doors remain closed.

313219.has been moved forward.

313213 appears not to have moved.


313217 (obscured), 313203 (which is the one I needed to note) and 313208.