Saturday 15 July 2023

Two interesting locomotives, 14th - 15th July 2023


68034 Rail Riders 2020 arrives at Eastleigh in heavy rain, wirh 6Z31 08:58 Crewe - Eastleigh, on 14th July. This locomotive was delivered to Workington in July 2017, and was named on 10th  June. Image by Roger Homan.

The return working, 6Z32 08:45 Eastleigh - Crewe, on 15th July, almost bowled at Shawford!

The PFA's were DRSL 92703 (next to 68034) & DRSL 92779.

47727 Edinburgh Castle / Caisteal Dhùn Èideann 0F47 09:00 Eastleigh Trsmd - Leicester L.I.P.

The locomotive was returning after delivery of 701009 on the previous day.