Thursday 13 July 2023

33012 collects the 4-TC, Eastleigh, 12th July 2023

D6515 / 33012 Lt Jenny Lewis RN 0Z33 09:20 Swanage - Eastleigh W orks Gbrf
D6515 / 33012 (+ 4-TC) 5Z33 13:00 Eastleigh Works Gbrf - Alton

Recently repainted 08567 is attached to the 4-TC to shunt within the Works.

33012 arriving light engine from Swanage. 'GB' for GBRf.

Now prepared to drive from the other locomoitive end, to proceed into the Works.

A shunt manoeuvre sees the 4-TC lead into platform 3.

The leading coach for the shunt was DTSO 76324.

Air brake and ETS connections between DTSO 76297 and 33012.

33012 ready for departure from platform 3 for Alton.