Tuesday 4 July 2023

Notes from Eastleigh, 30th June 2023


66761 Wensleydale Railway Association 25 Years 1990-2015 +  66768 + 66717 Good Old Boy + 66756 Royal Corps of Signals 6V41 1450 Eastleigh East Yard - Westbury Down T.C.

The trailing wagons were mostly Wascosa FEA-W configured as sleeper carriers, plus one Touax KFA similarly configured. At least one FEA-W had been noted in GBRf intermodal service last year. On 12th June it was reported "about DB Salmon wagons, yards have been instructed not to load them with rail, and 10 are being kept for I think barrier wagon use. Assume the rest will go like the Coalfish" so it appears the transition is now underway from the SALMON YWAs.

69008 on the fifth day of its Mountfield duties.

Running through the station.

A closer-up view.