Monday 3 July 2023

Special workings at Eastleigh, 30th June 2023


43059 leading 5Z43 1000 Crewe H.S.- Eastleigh Arlington (Zg), approaching Eastleigh.

43046 Geoff Drury 1930-1999 on the rear. The train ran an excursion from Basingstoke on the following day.

57601 Windsor Castle 1Z77 06:06 Saltburn - Bournemouth, promoted by Saltburn Railtours. The stock included Metro-Cammell Mk 1 Pullman Parlour,Seconds and two BR Mk2 Pullmans.

A closer view of, and a wave from, the prototype 57/6.

47804 on the rear.

While not a special, this working will squeeze in here, as it will soon be notable. Class 455 5719 leading 5Y51 14:32 Bournemouth T&R.S.M.D -Wimbledon Park Depot Sdgs

5914 on the rear of this train, which left a 'hot brake' smell in its wake.