Tuesday 13 June 2023

"Stuff" at Doncaster, 22nd May 2023


Wabtec's 08724 was originally built as D3892 at Crewe, and entered traffic at 64A St Margaret's (Edinburgh) on 1st Jul 1960.

Beilhack snowplough ADB 966099 was built upon a redundant Class 45 bogie, at the Ashford Crane Repair workshop in 1988.

47703 of HNRC has been an ETH supply for Wabtec, but has recently been reported as being  for sale.

73961 Alison was at Wabtec since it made its trip to Scotland in April, when it made two outings on the Caledonian Sleeper/It returned to traffic from 6th June.

70802 has been poorly for about a year. Wabtec removed and replaced the engine at Eastleigh, but after a short period in traffic in February it was picked up by 56113 on  1st March, and moved to Wabtec in Doncaster for further activity.

Famous East Coast names in artwork outside of the station.