Thursday 29 June 2023

Class 800 IET modifications, Eastleigh Works, 27th June 2023

Azuma 800113 arrived at Eastleigh on 1st March. The mechanical work appears concluded, with cosmetic completion pending. UPDATE: This train was returned to LNER on the 29th June.

PDTS 811113 of 800113. No numbers, following what appears to have been a repaint below the window line.

Stress alleviation modifications around the front upper yaw damper / anti-roll bar connection, with very fresh nuts and bolts.

This is the arrangement at the rear bogie of MS 812113. Two 'Post-It' like notes attached to the body.

The leading bogie of MS 812113. Two more "Post-It" notes.

The arrangement appears similar to the preceding bogie. Still to determine what is happening with the unpowered trailer cars.