Friday 30 June 2023

SRPS Diesel Gala, 28th May 2023 Part 1: 37425

37425 Sir Robert McAlpine / Concrete Bob was delivered as D6992 from English Electric Vulcan Foundry on 5th July 1965. Renumbered as 37292 in February 1974. Entered Crewe Works for conversion to Class 37/4 in August 1985, and was on test in March - April 1986 after which it worked from Eastfield. EWS sold the locomotive on to DRS in 2011, when it received attention at Barrow Hill and it re-entered traffic in June 2012. Outshopped in January 2020 in the Regional Railways scheme after attention at Derby, but only returned to traffic in September 2020. At this time, 37425 is one of 6 active DRS Class 37/4's in the XHSO pool.

37425 prepares to come onto the train at Bo'ness, seen alongside 614209, now stripped of some key components for its hydrogen propulsion.

Moving forward to back onto the train.

Backing on to couple onto 37025.

Close, but not yet coupled off.

37425 + 37025 running through the Bo'ness town shore section of the railway.

37425 only played a single part on the Sunday, and here uncoupled at Manuel, to proceed onto the mainline connection and a return to Motherwell.