Thursday 22 June 2023

On the North Yorkshire Moors, 23rd May 2023 part 2: Derby Sulzer Type 2s

D7628 is a Class 25 with revised ventilation, completed by Beyer Peacock, Gorton, Manchester in August 1965, and first allocated to 41A Tinsley./Renumbered 25278 in January 1974 it was the Last Class 25 to receive a Classified Repair at Derby Locomotive Works, before being withdrawn from Crewe in March 1987. It went to Vic Berry's scrapyard at Leicester in July 1987, from where it was moved to Grosmont in January 1988 along with 25191, now at Buckfastleigh.

D7628 has just returned to traffic in 2023 following a series of repairs.

D7628 arrives at Whitby with the 12:00 from Pickering which it powered throughout.

Running around at Whitby.

Leaving Grosmont, with the 14:10 from Whitby to Pickering.

D5061 has been in storage at Grosmont since 2014, awaiting overhaul. New in January 1960 from Crewe Works to 31B March, renumbered 24061 in May 1974 and withdrawn from Crewe in August 1975. From there it was reprieved by the Research Department at Derby, and acquired the number RDB968007, later changed to 97201 and named EXPERIMENT. As such it was displayed at the Basingstoke Railfair in September 1987. Withdrawn in 1988, preservation status was entered in 1991, eventually arriving at the NYMR.

The tender of 44806 lies in from of 24032 under overhaul at Grosmont. New in July 1959 as D5032 from Crewe Works and allocated to 31B March, the locomotive was renumbered in March 1974 and withdrawn from Crewe in July 1976. Almost immediately sold for scrap to TJ Thomson of Stockton, and hired from there by the NYMR during the Summer of 1976 fire risk crisis  In 1982, after my visit there in May, it was named Helen Turner, after the daughter of a director of TJ Thomson. By 1986 it had run 100,000 miles on the NYMR. It last appears to have worked in 1999, and ownership was transferred to the NYMR in 2016.