Monday 19 June 2023

Pacers on the Wensleydale Railway, 24th May 2023

A Wednesday ride on the Wensleydale Railway, as much for the scenery as for the ride. At Leyburn, a walk is recommended to see the views at The Stubbings and The Leyburn Shawl.

Unnumbered 142090 was in the platform at Leeming Bar. This unit is an experimental platform for a cryogenic railhead treatment for leaf fall season. This train was previously illustrated in 2019. 37250 just in the picture at right.

Former Northern 142060 upon arrival at Leyburn.

Former Transport for Wales 143623 was on the next working, which I took to Bedale.

143623 prepares to depart from Bedale for Leeming Bar.