Monday 26 June 2023

Eastleigh Works and T&RSMD, 26th June 2023

2991 Bruce (07007) is seen close to PDTS 811113 of 800113. Since first pictured outside the works last week, the yaw damper has been reaffixed to the modified mount, but there are no unit or carriage numbers, nor mid-body 'Azuma' flash.

This picture demonstrates the lack of 'Azuma' flash.

Disposal of Class 313 units has commenced, following a contract being signed between leasing company Beacon (owned by JP Morgan) and Raxstar. 313202, has been split, and its TS is next into the destruction zone, with one driving car closer to us, and the other, 62594,  where the fragmented remains are in the distance.

DMS 62544 of 313216, which arrived on 13th June.

313207 (also arrived 13th June) and 313220 (arrived 6th June), potentially unidentifiable after the numbers have been flame cut, but matched here by the damaged overhead electrification flash. and which appears ready to be next for cutting.  

313206, 313217, apparently the last of the original three dragged to Eastleigh, 313209 and others.

701011 and 701027 in the T&RSMD sidings.