Friday 24 June 2022

Intermodal at Southampton, 20th June 2022

This was the middle of the day before RMT industrial action, but the movements appeared typical. 

66514 4O14 MO 05:34 Basford Hall - Maritime.

66767 King's Cross PSB 1971 - 2021 4M19 11:50 Western Docks - East Midlands Gateway. The wagons In this train appear to be fixed for some weeks, as a mix of FWA-C and -D, and FEA-W.

66092 4O44 MO 10:02 Didcot - Western Docks.

70015 4M61 12:24 Maritime - Trafford Park. Like 4M19, a fixed rake of wagons appears to work this train for a longer period.

The last wagon was KFA TIPH 93388.