Monday 13 June 2022

Worth Valley DMUs, 30th May 2022

51189 at Keighley. This then AEC powered dmu car was new to Walsall Ryecroft in December 1958. It was refurbished in July 1978.

51803 faces uphill to Oxenhope. This Leyland powered car was delivered to Leith Central in October 1959. It was refurbished in August 1979.

51189 leads away from Ingrow.

Refurbished style interior of 51803. The lighting was changed to fluorescent, various panels were recoloured, seats were recovered, and floor coverings were changed.

51803 at Haworth. When I spent a year as a student commuter, in 1978-79, this was part of the Dundee fleet, which became over-familiar, although there were some Cravens and Class 25s in the mix.

Class 108 M50928, which was in service 11 years previously. 144011 lies beyond.

Driving cab of 51189.

51803 drawing into Oakworth.