Saturday 25 June 2022

New VTG JNA wagons leased to Mendip Rail, Romsey, 24th June


A set of 25 JNA wagons were on delivery on 13th May, and have recently entered service with Mendip Rail. 13 were noted as part of 6V16 empties from Fareham on 24th, which stopped for the signal at Romsey.

The wagons are JNAs of the recent pattern, twin-pipe air braked, with previous grey and red examples already in service on these workings. The number series is '5932' rather than '5500'. 


Manufacturer plate on 81.70.5932.461-3 "2022 04955".

TF25 bogie on 81.70.5932.461-3, with axle boxes "NEW 03.22".

Mounted on the bodyside above the bogie, the CLT20-Ex is a solar powered telematics box, as part of the IMT service for VTG.

81 70 5932 472-0 on the rear.

 - 25 wagons from 30 delivered to Dollands Moor on 24th April, moved onward on 13th May.

The next 30 blue wagons 491 - 520 in this series were moved 6Z66 03:45 Dollands Moor- Eastleigh Yard on 11th June, and were later moved to Didcot and Whatley. The O&K JYA wagons could now be being replaced, as the number is more or less equivalent - but one was noted on traffic on 24th.

The overall VTG order is for 236 JNA wagons, in the series 461 - 696. ORR authorisation.