Saturday 25 June 2022

20th - 25th June 2022


5903 leading 5B39 10:01 Wimbledon Park Depot Sdgs - Bournemouth T&R.S.M.D, at Southampton, 20th May. 5903 was delivered in February 1985.

5862 on the rear, part of the first series, delivered in October 1983. Both units were more recently re-tractioned by Kiepe, but the 701s are expected eventually replace them - and should have by now.

Monday 20th June: 69005 0Z21 09:30 Eastleigh - Gloucester Flickr for the day (onward to Rail Live at Long Marston); 66085 (+ Royal 2916) 5Z61 09:48 Eastleigh - Wolverton one two; 59205 had a 0Z59 path to return to Merehead from repairs at Eastleigh Works, but this was cancelled
Tuesday 21st June:
Wednesday 22nd June:
Thursday 23rd June:

Friday 24th June: 66745 + 66708 + 66796 + 66749 + 66767 4Z77 11:15 Trafford Park - Western Docks (Bescot to Eastleigh part of working)
Saturday 25th June:

The RMT industrial dispute had associated strike action on 21st, 23rd and 25th. On these days, a limited service was provided in 12 hour windows from the signalling centres. This provided for a skeleton passenger service serving the SWR main line as far as Southampton, and freight services serving mainly intermodal traffic. GBRf appeared to be using Hinksey as a staging location in their intermodal operations on these days. The Mountfield gypsum working ran with 69001 on 23rd and 25th, from and to Tonbridge.

69006 (56128) is reported as close to completion at Longport.

Fareham Tunnel Cutting- CE trains went to the site on Friday night, with movements to resume on Sunday.