Thursday 30 June 2022

Notable Workings at Easteigh, 27th June 2022


The first Hitachi train for the remedial programme at Arlington, is 802003. While the first unit will take longer, the expectation is that a 5 car unit will take 3 weeks, and a 9 car just over a month. 802003 spent some time out of traffic in 2021, but has worked in the interim. 802003 was the first assembled in Italy, although this particular unit has bodyshells built in Japan.

43465 + 43468 0Z43 10:27 Kings Norton - Eastleigh, returning after Rail Live.

47749 CITY OF TRURO deliverng 701048 as 5Q10 08:51 Derby Litchurch Lane - Eastleigh Trsmd.

Details of the coupling between 47749 and 701048.

701048, marked 'Arterio'.