Tuesday 7 June 2022

Eastleigh Works, 1st June 2022

43467 has been moved away from the other Hanson + Hall / Rail Adventure power cars, and is seen facing new arrival (arrived 30th May) 66720, in for repainting.

A fuller view of 43467.

37716 awaits attention. From the rear, the row contains the other three Hanson + Hall / Rail Adventure power cars, then 59003. The nearest coach is FO 3325.

319377 and the four remaining coaches of 442412.

769947 is shunted, with 43480 beyond.


As with two other examples, the MS 62689 of 317729 was retained to one side, while the rest of the unit has been scrapped, as has all of 317732.

The bodies of 142089 were reported as scrapped late in the month of May.