Saturday 4 June 2022

Dalgety Bay and Aberdour, 23rd May 2022


About to run under the Hillend Road bridge, is the 'Royal Scotsman', on a Classic Tour headed to Keith.

Once again, 66746 is in charge, 1H79 13:45 Edinburgh - Keith Branch Platform Gbrf approaches Dalgety Bay station.

43036 (+ 43149) 1A91 17:30 Edinburgh - Aberdeen, running a few minutes late at Aberdour.

43129 1L25 1750 Edinburgh - Dundee, stopping at Aberdour.

ScotRail introduced a new timetable on 16th May, but it only lasted a week until replaced with a temporary timetable, because of an ongoing industrial relations situation. This culls most trains out of cities after 20:00, and is causing concern in the entertainment, arts and culture segment.

The temporary timetable has placed a HST onto a stopping train to Dundee, and its return, last week worked by a 158. The new diagram is:

1T18 0738 Aberdeen Glasgow QS
1A41 1141 Glasgow QS Aberdeen
1B88 1442 Aberdeen Edinburgh
1L25 1750 Edinburgh Dundee
1L30 1953 Dundee Edinburgh
5L30 2215 Edinburgh Haymarket

I went out to see what I think was the first booked stop of a Dundee bound HST at Aberdour (I later discovered a Perth - Edinburgh stopper, also worked by a HST).

The set was HA11 40611 + 42267 42325 + 42301 + 42023, with 42301 illustrated.

The TGFB was.40611.

Power car 43151 on the rear.

800104 1W20 14:00 Kings Cross - Aberdeen.