Monday 28 February 2022

Eastleigh Works, 27th February 2022

43468 + 43465, the second pair of power cars for Hanson + Hall / RailAdventure, appear to be substantially completed.

66017 moved as 14:37 Eastleigh Trsmd - Eastleigh Arlington (Zg)

66017 passing 56049, which then moved to depart.

769946, now with upper marker light, arrived on 11th February, and had a short attempt on 25th to return to Reading, but returned. 313121 had returned from Old Dalby on 23rd.

73133, TDA wagon TIPH 78259 and 769932, which arrived 19th January, now with higher level marker light.

Two aviation fuel TDA tanks from Sinfin traffic, TIPH 78269 and TIPH 78275, which arrived behind 56049 on 16th February.