Saturday 19 February 2022

New Wascosa FEA-W wagons at Eastleigh, 17th February 2022

In 2020, Network Rail and GBRf arranged a lease from Wascosa of 570 wagons, of JNA, MLA and FEA-W (W for Wascosa) types, manufactured by Greenbrier - Astra Rail, which are now in delivery. Included in the order are 260 of the FEA-W type - "a modular wagon developed by Wascosa for the carriage of track panels, sleepers, switches, rails and loose materials" - which will displace several types including the YKA, YMA, YSA and YWA flat wagons, some of which have underframes up to 70 years old (Lot 2363, Head Wrightson, 1952). Maintenance of these wagons will be managed by GBRf.

This video shows a delivery run on 29th January, including two configured wagons (via LTSV News).

ORR authorisation letter for the FEA-W wagons, series 81.70.4524.001-4 to 81.70.4524.260-6, with full list of numbers, including check digits.

In something of a surprise, the spine wagons, which are the foundation of the system, have entered service in GBRf intermodal service, perhaps only this week. 10 wagons were noted at the leading end of 4M46 14:24 Western Docks - Trafford Park on 17th.

66762 arrives into Eastleigh with the yellow flats following the locomotive.

In order, these were 81.70.4524.074-1 / 080-8 / 072-5 / 077-4 / 084-0 / 082-4 / 073-3 / 085-7 / 036-0 / 032-9.

81.70.4524.074-1, with Network Rail logo flash on the underframe.

Detail of the end platform area of 81.70.4524.082-4 (right). These appear to be single wagons, rather than pairs.

81.70.4524.084-0. The axle boxes are marked "NEW 12/21"