Monday 21 February 2022

Cable drum train in 6V41, Eastleigh, 17th February 2022

 As 6V41 14:48 Eastleigh - Westbury approached, one look showed that the wagons were rather interesting - mostly a cable drum train, which had arrived as 6O26 from Hinksey, and which returned on 6O39 the next day, although this working was interrupted at Salisbury by Storm Eunice, and appears to have completed on Saturday 19th.

667638 HUDDERSFIELD TOWN passing through platform 2 at Eastleigh.

200493 is a VXA, a generator van. originally a VCA van, which appears to have been built to Lot 3832  at Shildon in 1974.

KDC950807 is a YVA built upon a conversion of a BDA series steel wagon, the same base as the MXA series, and itself a conversion to Lot 3965 at Shildon in 1979, from 1950s period Bogie Bolster D type..

Of similar history, KDC950056 is a conversion to Lot 3907 at Ashford in 1977. The train included 10 of these YVA wagons.

The second VXA was 200879, formerly a VDA built at Ashford to Lot 3855 in 1976.

Not related to the cable section of the train, YKA 'Osprey' wagon DB996593 hitches a ride back to Westbury. Originally built as a 'Salmon' by Teesside B&E in 1958 to Lot 3065. These wagons are expected to be replaced by the incoming FEA-W series.