Wednesday 23 February 2022

Miscellany at Eastleigh, 17th February 2022

50008 Thunderer returns with the Hanson+Hall / RailAdventure barriers as 6Z50 11:26 Eastleigh - Kings Norton.

'Coalfish' MPA wagon 394103, with works plate from RFS(E) Doncaster for the conversion in 1997-98.

153385 is now marked up as VIU3 (Visual Inspection Unit).

73961 Alison shunts to depart with test train 1Q54 12:46 Eastleigh - Tonbridge, with 73962 partnered at the other end.

Electrification Measurement Coach 977983 (3407, 72503) was the cleanest coach in the test train configuration.

66738 took 08683 and two London Underground wagons from the Works to the East Yard.