Wednesday 9 February 2022

69003 on test on the Mountfield, St Denys, 8th February 2022

69003 + 66758 T+T 4Y19 1230 Mountfield - Western Docks (empties)
69003 6Y83 18:22 Western Docks - Tonbridge (loaded gypsum) - arrived 6 minutes early

- 66758 was shown still at Southampton at 22:25 on Tuesday, but is on the Mountfield on Wednesday 9th, so it looks as if it also returned in 6Y83

Three pictures of 69003 leading 4Y19 through St Denys.

69003 was converted from 56018, built by Electroputere, in Romania, which entered traffic in August 1978. I first noted it in 1982.

Detail of the cab. 69003 was converted from 56018, and the cabside quarter windows retain the distinctive rubber surrounds from the Romanian batch.

The rake of wagons was typical of the JNAs which were introduced on the Mountfield run in October 2018. This is 81.70.5500.482-1.

66758 The Pavior on the rear.

A few minutes earlier, passing Eastleigh. Image by Roger Homan.

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