Saturday 5 February 2022

31st January - 4th February 2022


165125 at Romsey, 4th February. This has been a Reading unit, but all of the 2 car 165s are to be nominally allocated to Bristol. At 2021 year end 165118 - 165127 were still working in the Thames Valley.

Monday 31st January:
Tuesday 1st February:
Wednesday 2nd February:
47727 (+ 701509) 5Q10 07:49 Derby - Eastleigh one two three four five six, 47727 0M10 17:06 Eastleigh - Leicester one
Thursday 3rd February:
Friday 4th February:
Saturday 5th February: 

69003 expected on a loaded test run on the Mountfield on Tuesday 8th.

Along with 59003, apparently on decision at Eastleigh, 59001 is also poorly at Merehead, having been subject to a mishap during a re-railing after a derailment on 14th December.

In April 2021 a set of Mk3 coaches, marked up for 'Chiltern by Arriva' departed on their way from Eastleigh to Long Marston. These were sold to Belmond, and moved on to Assenta Rail, Hamilton, where they have been scrapped to recover the bogies, which will be re-used on what was the broad gauge Grand Hibernian stock. This is arriving by road from Ireland, and the finished coaches are expected to be used for a project, yet to be announced, but expected to be in continental Europe.