Wednesday 14 April 2021

20118 + 20132 with Chiltern Railways stock for Long Marston, Romsey, 13th April 2021

20118 Saltburn-by-the-Sea + 20132 Barrow Hill Depot 5X20 09:56 Eastleigh Trsmd - Long Marston, operated by DCR, with locomotives from HNRC, which departed Eastleigh station 95 minutes late, and lost further time through the journey. At Romsey, the train was held in the station for the preceding train to pass Dunbridge.

The formation observed was TSOs 12041 + 12115 + 12019 + 12027 + 12012 + 12026 + 12151, + FO 11094. The Mk 3A TSO coaches were built by BREL Derby to Lot 30877 between 1975-77. After initial service in LMR stock, the four coaches numbered up to 12030, later 12031, were in the ScR 47/7 push-pull trains (the 'disco' RCH jumper controls), and I noted these between 1979 and 1986, also 12151. The Mk3B FO was built to Lot 30982 in 1985.

These eight coaches arrived at Eastleigh from Norwich on 8th April 2020 for updates and fitting of AAR push-pull capability. The external changes have seen the changing of the door colour, and the application of "Chilternrailways by arriva" logos, however, there now seems to be the possibility that these slam-door coaches may not now re-enter passenger service. 

20118 was new from Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns Ltd., Darlington, on 8th March 1962 as D8118, allocated to 66A Polmadie. I first noted this locomotive on 4th October 1980, while on an RCTS visit to Eastfield shed. Withdrawn in March 2000, and preserved for a while on the South Devon Railway, but was sold to Harry Needle Railroad Co., and resumed service from October 2013.

20132 was delivered as D8132 from English Electric Vulcan Foundry on 5th March 1966, allocated to 41A Tinsley. I first noted it on 4th January 1988, while on a WCML journey in the Preston - Crewe area. Stored by 2000, then transferred ownership to DRS, moved to Longtown, then sold to HNRC. To Barrow Hill in January 2005, where it was repainted in green, and relisted on TOPS from August 2006.

TSO 12115.

TSO 12027, which at one time was in ScotRail push-pull service.

"Chilternrailways by arriva" logo on 12151.

FO 11094 on the rear - may also show extra AAR connectors.