Wednesday 7 April 2021

Class 20s with stock to West Ruislip, Eastleigh, 5th April 2021


20142 + 20007 5Q20 09:53 Eastleigh Works - West Ruislip, proceeding slowly through platform 3.

Further along.

The mark on 20007 was where a sticker had been applied for Loram Rail Operations.

LT 45029 is '17' Florence Nightingale, an LMS inspection saloon completed at Wolverton in 1942 as part of Lot 1327 to Diagram 2046. All of the Lot still exist, 45028 is at Foxfield and 45030 at Carnforth.

The remainder of the train was London Transport's 4-TC. DTS LT 76324 was originally built as TSO S4009 to Lot 30149 by BR Swindon in May 1956, then converted in 1967 to run in 4-TC 428.

TFK LT 71163 was originally FK M13097 completed at Swindon in November 1954 to Lot 30089. Converted from November 1972 to run in 4-TC 430.