Monday 5 April 2021

From Scotland to Kidderminster, 5th April 1980

41 years ago today. At the time a great adventure, as it was a first journey down the WCML to the south of Carlisle, and onto the former territory of the GWR. The Severn Valley Railway was for the next day, a future post to come.

55008 The Green Howards awaits departure from then platform 1 Edinburgh Waverley with regular Deltic turn 1V93 09:50 Edinburgh - Plymouth, which it worked as far as York.

Changing trains at Carlisle gave a first opportunity to see 4472 Flying Scotsman, arriving from Upperby to work a 'Cumbrian Mountain Express' southwards. The charter arrived from Preston behind 84002, and thankfully photographer John Whitehouse captured a view, from another platform, which included the Class 84, which was one of the last three, withdrawn in September 1980, and scrapped in December 1982.

The Class 47 has an ETH connection, and the only candidate in my notes is 47543, which did run with a silver roof in the period, and also appears to be dual heat equipped. The silver roof later was gone after a heavy general overhaul at Crewe in July 1981.

A final view of Flying Scotsman at Carlisle before my departure south.