Saturday 10 April 2021

5th - 10th April 2021

Believed to be being prepated for the 2021 season of The Staycation Express, TF 41183 was originally TS 42274, built to lot 30939 at BREL Derby in 1979-80. Following storage at Long Marston, this coach was delivered to Booth's scrapyard at Rotherham on 23rd June 2020, subsequently moved to Eastleigh East Yard by road on 16th September as it was in better condition than some of LSL’s existing stock. It appears that Hornby have already created a model of the coach in Blue Pullman livery, which it may not now carry.

66747 Made in Sheffield approaches Western Docks through Millbrook, 9th April, with 4Y19 from Mountfield. Image by Roger Homan.

Monday 5th April: 20142 + 20007 5Q20 09:53 Eastleigh Works - West Ruislip one two, 0Z21 16:03 West Ruislip - Eastleigh one two three four five
Tuesday 6th April: 73971 0O66  02:52 Doncaster - Eastleigh one two three four
Wednesday 7th April:
Thursday 8th April: 67023 + 62027 1X23 15:13 Salisbury - Southampton UGL - Salisbury one two
Friday 9th April:
Saturday 10th April:

57302, which came to Eastleigh Works in December 2017, reportedly to yield parts for 57307, has been moved to DRS's XSDP pool for coming disposal. 37602, at Eastleigh since February 2019, was already in this pool. Noted, rather obscured, on 5th April.

Eastleigh Works: 08Mar - 11Mar - 15Mar - 16Mar - 18Mar - 22Mar - 23Mar - 25Mar - 26Mar

The buffer fitted HST power cars at Eastleigh Works appear to be associated with Rail Adventure, who already provide barriers which have been seen here on deliveries from Italy of Hitachi units for Hull Trains, and also on deliveries of Class 701 from Derby.

59003 has gone on another excursion to Kent