Monday 8 June 2020

Freight at St Denys, 5th June 2020

The days of the southbound Lawley Street / Birch Coppice - Garston - Leeds - Crewe Basford Hall southbound sequence seem strangely a long time ago.

66952 heading 4O14 04:59 Garston - Maritime.

66133 hauls BMW Minis as 4O39 09:43 Morris Cowley - Eastern Docks.

66504 pulling 4M61 13:00 Maritime - Trafford Park, which was fairly empty.

66585 leading 4O49 09:31 Basford Hall - Maritime.

66703 Doncaster PSB 1981-2002 hauling 6V41 14:48 Eastleigh - Westbury.

Two wagons in the consist were from what I believe are among the oldest on the network, DB996115 and DB996116, the latter illustrated above, and now a YWA. These were built by Head Wrightson to Lot 2363 in 1952, most recently rebuilt in 2009.

A number of similar 'Salmon' wagons are in preservation, of which the eldest seem to be DB996000, DB996290 and DB996297