Saturday 27 June 2020

22nd - 27th June 2020

43083 of Locomotive Services at Eastleigh Works on the morning of 27th June. LSL have now also taken delivery of 43046 and 43055 to Crewe, so appear to be on a Paxman 12VP185 strategy.

66505 passes the Campbell Road bridge viewpoint with 4O22 01:23 Trafford Park - Maritime, 27th June.

Monday 22nd June: 47812 5O86 10: 38 Leicester - Eastleigh one two
Tuesday 23rd June: 47812 5M59 10:30 Eastleigh - Leicester (swapped barrier 6340 for overhauled 6346) one two three
Wednesday 24th June: Barrier 6340 at Eastleigh Works
Thursday 25th June:
Friday 26th June: 47815 + 442419 5Q86 16:53 Wolverton - Bournemouth one two three four - the work at Wolverton took two months, and this unit was the first to be converted earlier.
Saturday 27th June: 156496 5Q12 14:50 Eastleigh - Heaton one two three four

Eastleigh Works: 02Jun - 05Jun - 08Jun

314204 at Eastleigh Works has had its unit number flame cut and removed.  

701002 went down to Wareham on Wednesday 24th and was returned on Saturday 27th. Flickr for the week. SWR shared s short video of it on test at Weymouth.

It seems that 319373 is not for Class 769 conversion, but will have different roller floor systems installed to show potential customers what is possible, and will be dragged by a 769.

Class 73 to run on Bio-LPG: 73952 - G-Volution - video (where I caught the word 'imported' for the LPG)