Saturday 6 June 2020

Tug hauling spoil from Eastleigh to Up Yard, 5th June 2020

60046 6Z91 14:12 Eastleigh Marshalling Yard - Southampton Up Yard. The spoil was believed to be from the recent occupation for track renewal on the Botley line.

60046 William Wilberforce slowly approaches the signal at St Denys.

60046 was returned to traffic for DCR on 14th November 2019, but did spend time in December under repair.

A wider view showing more of the 18 wagon train.

Front and nameplate.

The JNA wagons were from within the range 81.70.5500.673-3 to 700-6, built in the late 2019 period, and leased to DCR by VTG

At Up Yard, the 18 wagons are split into two parts for unloading, with a grab provided by Rail Freight Services. The spoil can be seen in the wagons awaiting emptying.