Saturday 13 June 2020

47712 arrives with the LSL movement, Eastleigh, 11th June 2020

47712 [5366 + 44078 + 46014 + 40801 + 46006 + 40802] + former EMR power car 43083 
5Z36 07:14 Crewe - Eastleigh

47712 Lady Diana Spencer arrives with the train.

47712 is now in the ScotRail scheme which was first applied in May 1985. For me this locomotive goes back to my time in Edinburgh, first noted just after delivery as a 47/7 from works, on Friday 16th November 1979. A previously shared 47712 retrospective.

Paxman 12VP185 powered 43083 was detached from the coaches, and taken aside by 08567. It was in service in late May, and powered its own way to storage at Long Marston on 3rd June, from where LSL fetched it on 10th June. It is believed that it has arrived to be be painted for future static display at Margate, rather than for the anticipated LSL high speed train. 

43083 was completed at BREL Crewe in February 1978, assigned to ECML set 254014, and I first noted it in the Edinburgh area on Wednesday 6th December 1978, as part of that set, then allocated to HT, Heaton.

37099, 43083 and 08567in a panorama.

47712 and 43083 in rhe rain.

The former HST trailer coaches will be covered in a future update.