Sunday 7 June 2020

ROG Class 319 delivery to Eastleigh Works, 6th June 2020

37800 + 319373 + 319009 5Q86 10:18 Long Marston - Eastleigh Arlington (Zg). Upon arrival the entire train worked into the works, running through the paint shop area to where the 442 units were under work until recent removal.

Why have they arrived at Eastleigh? A good question.

37800 Cassiopeia makes the final approach into the works. 37800 was built as D6843 at English Electric Vulcan Foundry and entered traffic on 29th May 1963, allocated to Cardiff Canton. Renumber 37143 in May 1974. Heavy General Overhaul March - September 1986, GEC G564AZ alternator (now the last of these running on the main line network), renumbered 37800. Transferred to France August 1999, returned July 2000 and stored. To Spain in August 2001 as L025, later L33. Returned to the UK in 2012, until sold in 2013 to Europhoenix, returned to traffic May 2016.

The first unit was 319373, which entered traffic as 319173 in December 1990, and was renumbered in February 1999 at Eastleigh after removal of the first class accommodation.

62899 is the MSO coach of 319009, originally delivered in November 1987.

319373 saw some service on Northern until December 2019, and shows 'Manchester Victoria on its blind. 319009 still sports its 3rd rail shoes, unusually not removed for an off-region drag.

DTSO 77307 of 319009 last saw service on the Bedford - Brighton route, after which it was stored at Long Marston from August 2017. On 10th December 1993, along with 319008, this unit worked through the Channel Tunnel to Calais-Fr├ęthun, it later being named Coquelles to reflect this. On 26th March 1994 the same pair set a Brighton line record time of 37 minutes 57 seconds.